Trusted Key Developer Solutions

Passwordless Secure Login

Providing a frictionless but secure way for new users to sign up and login to your App or Website

Setting up a Trusted Key Relying Party on your website or mobile application is simple with OAuth and OpenID Connect. Please see our guides here on available plugins and step-by-step configuration.

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Authenticated Identity KYC

Trusted Key provides a frictionless, secure, reusable, and privacy-preserving way for users to setup new online services

Trusted Key enables users to bring online their real-world government issued identity documents (such as driver’s license or passport), and use them to easily and securely verify their identity to any app or service provider.

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Transaction Authorization

Trusted Key allows financial institutions to provision users with cryptographic credentials that they can use to reliably authenticate themselves and verify that CNP transactions are indeed initiated by the card-holder.

Trusted Key enables Relying Parties to request a secure cryptographic real-time approval from end-users for credit-card Card-Not-Present (CNP) transactions, using the cardholder’s Trusted Key Credentials, thus preventing fraudulent transactions

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Manage SSH Keys

Providing a frictionless but secure way for new users to sign up and login to their app or web site is a key pain point for developers.

The Trusted Key SSH Agent is an open source tool for managing an SSH Key together with the Trusted Key Digital Identity Wallet App. The SSH Key can be used with any existing OpenSSH environment including management of Linux-based servers, or managing git environments with services such as Github or Bitbucket. The Trusted Key SSH Agent is a piece of software that is installed on your local machine with support for a wide range of environments and OSs. When the user attempts to use their SSH key to access a server or do a Git service, the agent will make a request to the Trusted Key App on their mobile device.

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Document Signing

Use Trusted Key to leverage your cryptographic identity to digitally sign documents and embed that identity into the document itself.

The Trusted Key DocSig service enables a Relying Party to request a digital signature from a user along with their Identity Tokens, which are embedded into the signed document, thus enabling anyone receiving the signed document to verify the identity of the signatory.

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